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Recalling the sixties and seventies, Hong Kong, hairdressing, cosmetology practitioners status in society, and other specialized SECTOR relatively humble without being subject to special weight. Example: "fly guy hair", "shampoo earners", "manicure sister," etc. of derogatory, its industry was also failed to meet professional standards.

By the early eighties, with the introduction of Hong Kong's economic takeoff and foreign high level of technology, beauty salons and so began the initial step into the international and professional. Therefore, to enhance the status and title lead with technology and services are also significant changes, for example: "hair stylist", "salon assistant", "beautician", "manicurist" and so a more appropriate title, technical knowledge and affirmation .

And starting from the nineties until today, most of the hair and beauty industry has achieved recognition internationally renowned practitioners associations or organizations, and the title and level of technology has reached the international level, such as: "Professional-star hair stylist", "makeup supervisor "" hair Stylist Assistant "," personal hair or cosmetic consultant, "" professional beauty consultant and mentor "," nail technician "," A craftsman "," slimming division, "etc. title, more professional talents.

According to unofficial estimates, the overall Hong Kong hairdressing and beauty practitioners, beauty or make-up artist from the free staff person, the international brand-name cosmetics counters beauty consultant, beauty consultant within the listed stores, hairdressers, etc. to senior adviser, mentor and cosmetics company operating, administrative staff and employers, etc., will exceed hundreds of thousands of numbers!

But there has been a whole industry businessman, owner or leader, but the vast majority are individual operating in a passive role. Hair and beauty industry for the development of Hong Kong's future development direction, human resources training, communication with the government and fighting for reasonable business interests, enhance the technological level of the industry, promoting industry various international economic and trade activities, international markets and increase business opportunities, and so matters never initiated any organization or shoulder heavy responsibilities for the integrity of this work.

Therefore, the industry group of enthusiastic businessmen in some efforts, on March 9, 2005 founded the first hairdressing beauty of the Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, to unite the whole power industry, creating good business environment.

The Council has commissioned the Hong Kong Polytechnic University as a partner of the Council for the next five years, Hong Kong beauty salon Discussion and analysis of the latest developments in Hong Kong hairdressing, beauty and human resource needs, to develop a blueprint for development, promoting the professional development of the future, for the service industry to prepare strategic.

At the same time, many international and local celebrities Ding pointed industry and the business sector will also be invited to the present as honorary advisor to assist the industry will lead towards a more professional and more brilliant development.



  • Improve the professional level, the consolidation of solidarity, do not seek personal interests;
  • Maintain and improve the status of the industry and legitimate interests;
  • Fight for more government benefits, the industry business environment more benefit;
  • Hong Kong industry unified examination system, improve the professional standards of the industry;
  • To promote all kinds of economic and trade activities to enhance exchanges and cooperation around;
  • Held various help raise the level of business activity in the industry;
  • Assist members to develop new markets, increase business opportunities;
  • Members seek the welfare and safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.